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Ditch the spreadsheets and start training on our Learning Management System! No matter where you are or what time it is, you can access the LMS in an engaging online platform with easy smartphone accessibility.

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Our Learning Management System

We know that employers are constantly working to stay OSHA compliant, create safety manuals, establish return to work programs and understand their total cost of risk. At My 360 Benefits, we deliver cost-effective solutions for each one of these issues. Our risk mitigation strategy takes a 360-degree approach to developing and structuring a safety program for your company that creates a better risk environment without breaking the bank. With our Learning Management System, you can train, track, and provide certifications for your employees all on one platform. Our LMS is mobile-optimized and completely digital making it the perfect fit no matter what your needs are. My 360 Benefits provides the solutions you need in an up-to-date and affordable way regardless of your company size or budget.


There's no more need for in-person classes or keeping up with paperwork! Our LMS goes where you do at a fraction of the price! This fee-based solution lets you and your team train with on-demand classes whenever is convenient for you.


Customize your LMS system by uploading your own training courses or choosing the pieces you need from our built-in library of approximately 200 safety and compliance courses.


As your employees move through courses and complete certifications, the administrator dashboard shows in-progress training, due dates and completions so you know exactly where they are in their training.

Learning at Your Fingertips

Train & Track

Our LMS is unmatched with access to approximately 200 safety and compliance courses. You can upload and use courses you already have, or utilize the hundreds of built-in trainings included. Our system is updated as industry changes are made, ensuring that your courses are always up-to-date, OSHA compliant and ready to go. Through the management and employee portals, you can track your trainees’ progress and be alerted when a certification has been completed. Our platform helps further your safety culture and keep employees engaged during their courses. The best part? The Learning Management System consistently reduces the cost of what companies are spending on training per year by two thirds!


Keep your employees engaged with easy-to-understand, professionally produced training videos and interactive quizzes. The LMS dashboard allows for easy tracking of employee course completions and issues completion certificates.


With approximately 200 courses available and updates that reflect industry requirements, you’ll always have access to the latest trainings with the most current information. You can rest assured knowing that your employees have the most recent trainings available helping reduce your risks and decrease your insurance costs!


Let our experts help you find the perfect fit no matter your size or budget! We consistently reduce the cost of safety training per year by two thirds including tracking, auto-fill OSHA forms, and leading indicator graphs.


Say goodbye to hours of in-person trainings and spreadsheets! Our Learning Management System is on-demand and right at your fingertips with approximately 200 courses available on one digital platform that, as industry compliance changes, will be updated to reflect required changes. 


Learning Management System

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