Human Resources

We are excited to introduce a valuable new resource to help you handle vital business tasks easier and more efficiently. Our HR360 platform provides support compliance and strategic HR initiatives with access to thousands of editable, up-to-date resources. Backed by experts and attorneys, and proven by HR professionals nationwide, this content includes:

- State-Specific Legislative Guides
- Legislative Questions & Answers
- Employee Communication Templates
- Creation of Manuals & Handbooks
- Health and Safety Training Resources Forms

And Much More!

We're still just a phone call away, but the next time you need a quick resource, policy or question answered, check out HR360!

HR Hotline

Your HR team does not have time to spend hours upon hours searching for answers to niche questions. With our HR hotline, we provide a convenient, on-demand resource for all of your questions including the documentation and talking points needed to address the situation at hand. Let us help put more time back into your day without having to hire more staff!

HR Command Center

The My 360 Benefits HR platform is an affordable way for your company to keep up with changes, reduce your workload and decrease time spent in research. Our HR tools can help create employee manuals, job descriptions, interview questions, and salary benchmarking - everything you need to hire, terminate, onboard, and train all on a single source. We also provide state-by-state compliance.

Compliance Tools

Wouldn’t you love to have compliance training right at your fingertips and get rid of your spreadsheets? Our experts can help you find the answers and resources you need on a vast range of both safety and compliance topics, including return to work information, benefits, federal compliance, state to state comparisons, general construction safety and more!


Hiring? We can help! Our HR360 tools can help automate your onboarding processes with resources such as job description builders, interview questions, total compensation builder, employee manuals, safety manuals, as well as other tools to make your job easier.

An Extension of Your Team

Trusted HR Guidance

Utilizing our HR360 platform connects you directly with certified HR professionals, each of whom are SHRM certified averaging more than 15 years of experience. Your HR team can call, email, or submit an online request to get real-time answers to your everyday HR challenges.

Save Time and Money!

HR360 Command Center

The My 360 Benefits Client Portal is a single-source platform for HR, safety, employee benefits and growth. Further your company culture today by trading in those spreadsheets and stacks of paper for a high-functioning platform that does it all!