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Raising the deductible and increasing HSA contributions or changing the insurance company is not an annual cost-saving strategy; it’s a headache. It takes comprehensive and unique plan strategies to lower premiums while improving benefits. Our team not only helps you save dollars today, but works to help your employees become better health consumers so you can continue to improve long-term costs. My 360 Benefits makes innovative solutions available to all businesses. We believe you deserve tailored health benefits that meet your employees' needs at a price point that fits their budget and yours, and technology that makes the process seamless.


Employee benefits can be taxing on your budget. Our team is dedicated to delivering long-term, cost-effective containment strategies to keep your benefits packages within your price point without sacrificing quality. 


We put the perfect solutions and benefits systems into place for you employees. With Benefits360, we give you access to unique strategies, plan designs and services that other benefits companies and brokers only make available to larger businesses. 

Benefits Administration

Streamline benefits administration for your company! We can help you simplify your employee benefits with a quick process and paperless enrollment for new hires, terminations, and life events. 

Beyond the Expected

Major Medical Strategies

We believe you deserve a tailored major medical plan that meets your employees needs at a price point that fits their budget and yours, and we take a special interest in reducing your companies spend without reducing benefits. The innovative solutions we offer are typically limited to Large groups, we bring that tailored flexibility to small and medium sized businesses as well. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.

We combine comprehensive strategies and technology to ease your HR staff’s load and implement benefits strategies that help attract and retain the talent you want to hire. We offer fully insured plans, level funded plans, reference based pricing plans whether right off the rack with all the major carriers or something designed specifically to fit your needs. We have hybrid premium return medical plan strategies developed through close relationships with the best TPA’s and carriers in the industry. We use both fully insured plans as well as self-insured plans to accomplish your goals. Upon implementation we often see overall health insurance premiums decrease between 25 and 40%, employees will see reduced single and family rates and will also experience a dramatic reduction in the out-of-pocket expense from deductibles and coinsurance, thus reducing the burden of compliance with the “Affordability Clause” of the ACA.

These plans help employers reduce and stabilize major medical premiums. We can customize this approach to work in conjunction with any primary health insurance provider in the market. These concepts have empowered many companies and municipalities to take proactive roles in managing their health insurance plan and minimizing renewal increases. We give employers the potential to retain a portion of the premiums paid that are normally absorbed by major medical carriers as pure profit. These approaches have empowered our clients to effectively use a planning strategy funded by improved claims experience to minimize their exposure to any future renewal increases, the funds returned to your company can also be used to fund retirement planning strategies, employee cost of living increases, and employer paid benefits as examples of other’s we have helped have done.

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Telemedicine and Virtual Care

At My360 Benefits, we have used Telemedicine since its inception as a claims shifting strategy. Today, virtual care provides far more than just a network of general practitioners, but a broad network of thousands of specialists that give expanded care options and second opinions from leading specialists in their specific care areas. It provides the opportunity to see specialists that people would never have been able to see in their local area. There are even opportunities to receive care from Dermatologists, Neck and Spine Care Specialists, Dietitians, Wellness Coaches and Chronic Care Coordinators.

Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are now a vital part of making sure your employees are thriving not just surviving. They are no longer the simple plans that provided minimal support that existed pre-COVID, they are now robust added value wellness programs that you will be excited to provide to your employees.

Wellness Plans

Wellness plans are engaging to employees and improve the overall health of your group so premiums stay manageable and renewal increases are minimal and rare. Incentivize your employees to become healthier and improve their wellness with app-based plans that structure fitness goals and provide personalized feedback.

Dental Care Plans

Our innovative plans include rollover build up of unused annual benefit amounts so you can plan for procedures that might cost more. In addition, app-based wellness is available that comes with electric toothbrushes and toothpaste, adult and child orthodontics, diabetic care follow up and so much more.

Vision Care Plans

Vision Care Plans are more than just eye exams, contacts and glasses. Our comprehensive plans help cover every need such as sunglasses (Rx or Non), refractive surgery benefits, second pair discounts and more.


Short Term and Long Term Disability both employer paid and voluntary for both hourly and salaried positions as well as executive salary benefit plans. Disability Plans that give your employees "pay check insurance" when their illness or injury results in the inability to perform the duties of their job.

Life Insurance

Term Life, Universal Life and Whole Life true group and voluntary plans from the top carriers in the industry. Temporary Terms and Permanent Plans that pay LIVING BENEFITS - benefits while you are living like Long Term Care and Critical Illness benefit riders and accelerated death benefit when diagnosed with a terminal illness. Life Insurance is fundamental to every financial plan whether it is for protecting the longevity of your business through succession planning, buy-sell agreements, and/or key executive or key employee policies to insure the continuation of your business and the protection of its stakeholders.

Voluntary Benefits

Group Voluntary Supplemental Benefits allow employers to offer more extensive coverage without added costs to their employees. Voluntary Benefits pay money directly to your employees when something goes wrong and keeps them and their family in business when there is an illness or injury.

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