My 360 Benefits


The My 360 Benefits vision is to empower small to medium sized businesses to achieve their goals by eliminating obstacles in HR, Compliance, Employee Benefits, and Safety Training that impede results. My 360 Benefits provides technology and resources that collapse time frames, expand capabilities, save money, and increase productivity all while growing our clients' capabilities.

Mission Statement

We pave the way for our customers to manage risks and reduce costs associated with human resources, benefits and safety and compliance training. We provide services that are tailored to each business’ needs and specific to their industry. Our team at My 360 brings value and quality to each client by ensuring their satisfaction and results-driven solutions.


For a company to expand while minimizing risk and increasing profits, they need a good system. My 360 Benefits provides the platform to help them design, launch, and seamlessly run their business.

Vicky Watts

Vicky Watts is the founding partner of My 360 Benefits. Boot and jeans or business attire, Vicky grew up on a farm in Alabama learning to drive a tractor before she could drive a car. Later on, while cutting her teeth in business in the Silicon Valley of California and Atlanta, Georgia, she was mentored by some of the nation's top producers in benefits. Fast forward to today, My 360 Benefits was born out of Vicky's desire to impact small to medium sized companies with cost-effective and cost-saving solutions. She is a do it first leader and big picture thinker while also remaining detail and solutions oriented. Vicky has spent the last 25 years in financial services and has been Life and Health licensed since 2003. She was Vice President of a real estate marketing company and was a mortgage banker for many years recruiting, training and managing a team of over 2000 agents on a national level. In 2012, she became an Employee Benefits Broker while working with employees to better understand the benefits offered by their employers and to improve participation. She has been licensed in over 40 states with University degrees and certificates in Legal Studies, Real Estate Mapping, Business and Financial Services. However, Business and Financial Services are where her passion lies. She loves to help people and organizations and has volunteered and served in boots on the ground efforts and leadership roles in both local and international networking and service organizations.

Lisa Laseter

Lisa started her career in safety by pun intended (well, ok, maybe….)! Moving their family from Alabama to the Upstate of South Carolina to pursue her husband’s career, she needed to find a career path for herself that would allow her the time to homeschool her girls. She joined a promotional products company that catered specifically to the safety industry. During that time, she had the privilege of meeting the “hard hat” men and women who make the world go ‘round at safety conferences all over the country. Listening to what those safety professionals needed in order to be safe and effective in their jobs allowed her to help companies improve compliance and reduce fines by using creative employee engagement and recognition programs.
Now, 14 years later, Lisa’s focus is on industrial, manufacturing and construction clients who understand that their employees are both their greatest asset, and their greatest investment. She helps companies effectively manage their employees, hire and retain talent, drive training, achieve safety and compliance, and never lose it again! Striving to help companies stay in business is part of the 360° approach of My360Benefits - minimize costs, minimize pain, and maximize the return on investment of small and medium-sized employers.
Lisa and her husband, Earl, met while they were both in the military at Ft. Sam Houston, TX. They have two beautiful girls who are both married to terrific guys, and they will both tell you that the “grandbaby” phase of your life is the very best!